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We are a hyper agile innovation company with our feet firmly grounded in the Financial Technology sector.
We have very long history of finding solutions for problems in many industry sectors and we have millions of people making use of the innovations that we brought into the landscape over the last 3 decades.
Payment Solutions
Integration into all the available payment
channels available as part of the
National Payment System in South Africa
Automated Treasury Monitoring
We own a platform that will be able
to monitor your business accounts
on a real-time basis, the system will
report in real time on any an all
transactional movement in your
bank accounts.
4th Generation Loyalty Systems
During the times that we are living in
at the moment, we need to migrate
into the digital age to remain relevant.
The inclusion of loyalty rewards
is of utmost importance, we own a
stack that can make a huge difference
to your customer retention and your profitability
Collection Management Solutions
Consumers have been driven to adopt
digital access and payment channels
by many large multinational companies
overthe last 15 years. We own a strong
asset base in this solution space that
will make it easy for you
to manage your creditors.

Our Solution Stack

Virtual Account Management System
The Virtual Account Management System that forms an integral part of our offering allows you to bill, reward and transact with your customer in the most efficient possible way.
Instant rewards, Split transaction recording and logging and converged billing is part of this stack. Talk to us for a deeper understanding.
EcoSwitch Treasury Management
The South African reserve bank and the major banks do not support screen scraping and have actually declared it illegal. Because of the banks not supporting any kind of live monitoring of account it leaves businesses in a position where they can only accept debit and credit cards as a form of payment.
That is until we have made available the EcoSwitch platform, now you will be able to receive payment directly into your own bank account while EcoSwitch reports back to you in real time on payments received.
Omni-Channel Payment Gateway
We have innovated a method that will allow your customers to pay you electronically from their bank accounts, with cash at Bank branches, with cash at Automated Teller Machines and with most bank cards.
The gateway will report back to you and your platform while managing the security of the transaction through applying the stringent security grading of PCI DSS and specifically by making sure that you do not get reversals on your credit and debit card payments through the 3d Secure methodology.
Value Added Services Exchange
The exchange is a combination of integrations into third party value added services and features and applications to drive adoption and transactional activity.
The exchange includes access channels into the physical retail environment like 3d scanning authentication, POS integration, airtime vouchers, prepaid electricity, loyalty solutions and many others.
We also invite vendors with specific released product to list their products on the exchange to enable the widening of their digital distribution footprints.
Electronic Escrow System
E-Escrow is a solution that is integrated with a panel of legal practitioners. The system provides an easy to use escrow function that guarantees a payment between a buyer and a seller with an independent legal practitioner being the custodian of the funds while the transaction is not mature.
Please make contact with our marketing specialists to understand this ground breaking solution better.
Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
This platform is an innovation of our technical team. We have implemented this solution which is the modern way of sending out invoices or statements to customers. We have the capacity to track the delivery and the reading of every invoice that we send out.
We encapsulate a payment gateway function into the invoice to allow your customers to pay on the spot via EFT, Cash in Branch, Cash at ATM and Debit and Credit cards.
The system also tracks the payments in real time, the payments can be injected into your accounting system after if generating a receipt to acknowledge the payment back to the customer.